Leadership Diary — Fast Decision != Fast Action

Two good ideas from books

What is on book doesn’t seem to work in real life..?

  • Intention? I have very good intention to help, I want them to succeed.
  • Compassion? I have the compassion since I genuinely believe that, the best way to help this person succeed is to get him/her another opportunity in the company. I spent hours talking to other teams managers, explaining to them that this person is very smart and hardworking, but we don’t have good roles for them.
  • Candor? Oh yeah, can’t be more candid.


  1. Build trust and relationship at the beginning of any employment, make sure your people know you are on their side, for bad news or good news, they know you are on their side. Communicate clearly on expectations.
  2. Active listening in 1:1, ask questions. Help your people understand the problem and come to conclusions together, take your time, give feedback, never be prescriptive on first few conversations, even if you are right.
  3. Flex the style with different people, see things through others’ eyes.





hacker, lifetime learner

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oliver hu

oliver hu

hacker, lifetime learner

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